Pupil Premium

‘Level Up’

Government Year 7 literacy and Math Level-up premium


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How we intend to spend any allocation

  • The funding will be used for Teaching Assistants (usually graduate) who have been fully trained in delivering our Level Up programwho work with students on a one to one basis to improve their Math and Literacy skills.
  • We target all students who, still at the end of Year 6, despite other interventions in their first year of secondary school, have not caught up to read at the expected level for their chronological age.
  • We check the discrepancy between students’ Chronological Age (CR) and their Reading Age (RA) as measured by standardized reading assessments.
  • We intend to use a series of multi sensory approaches to aid learning

How the Program works

‘Level Up’

  • 5 x 10 min withdrawal sessions per week may also include afternoon sessions.
  • An intervention designed to help and boost basic Maths and English skills.
  • Targeted 1:1 teacher learner contact.
  • Low impact on timetabled lessons but high impact on building skills.
  • Part of a wider picture of collaborative work – teacher responses, booster classes, teaching assistants, SEN/EAL support, study club, etc
  • Longer term goals to help pupils to get access to more of the curriculum.