We are currently seeking candidates to fulfil Governor duties, which includes involvement in school life, membership of our decision-making committees and taking responsibility to link to year groups and subjects across the school. “We need a Governor who can support the school in its ongoing developments, ideas and maintenance; someone who can offer advice and guidance related to making the most of its premises and keeping the and everyone  safe. An important part of the role is to both support and challenge the school. Governors need to ask questions to the school to help it investigate how it is doing. Simply by asking your school some key questions and listening to the responses, you can help your school improve its performance. If you’re ready to start asking the right questions, then you are ready to join the Governing Body.

Register your interest today by emailing info@sohecares.org.uk

The Governing Body is also responsible for fulfilling a strategic role and supporting the school in its aims.Meetings will be conducted each term. Roles may include some of the following:

  • Reviewing and approving policy documents
  • The areas listed below are also part of our goals:
  1. Finance, Personnel, Marketing
  2. Teaching and Learning Committee
  • Approving the school budget and undertaking monitoring throughout the year
  • Recruitment and choice of staff, including members of the Senior Leadership Team
  • Having rules in place for handling complaints of a general nature
  • Reviewing the school admissions policy
  • Discussions relating to premises and infrastructure
  • Approving school trips, having checked necessary risk assessments have taken place
  • Meeting as the Student Discipline Committee to check the use of exclusion, and deciding whether to confirm any permanent exclusions
  • Reviewing external examination result

How to become SHC School Governor

Kindly express in writing and email to info@sohe cares.org.uk