SHCS works with an integrated curriculum as we strive to help all learners achieve academic success .

All our learners benefit from stimulating activities which allow different skills and knowledge to be taught and enjoyed in the same lesson.Our curriculum is personalised to meet the needs and interests of the children. No child is left behind!

SHC uses a mix of teaching and specified strategies. Our Small classes facilitate personalised learning and promote a loving, caring environment.Each Learner is treated as a unique person, and we assess their learning styles and tailor lessons to work on the specific skills all our learners needs help with.Every milestone is valued and celebrated, whether academic or otherwise.Through our activities we build the learners confidence and self-esteem.

SHC is delighted to welcome Learners from any background, regardless of religion or belief, into our supportive and caring community.

At our school, we offer a rich and varied learning environment that allows learners to develop their skills and abilities to their full potential. Through our teaching we aim to:

  • Enable our learners to become confident, resourceful, enquiring and independent learners;
  • Enable our learners to understand the community and help them also feel valued ;

We acknowledge that people learn in many different ways, and  take into account the different forms of intelligence ensuring wherever possible that there is a  Multi Sensory Approach to learning.

Effective learning results in:  

    • Knowing you have thrived
    • Sensing that you can do more
    • Clarifying what you have learned
    • Applying it to other situations    

We believe that our students have the right to experience excellence in the quality of teaching and learning they receive and that positive attitudes, progress, attainment and achievement are influenced by the quality of education our young people receive.

  • Our strategies benefit from being in diverse settings that include both the traditional classroom and other locations such as the school library, community enterprises, and natural environments. This will guide our learners to sequence  learning and use both formal and informal formats and roles to present the products of their activity.
  • Our learning is dynamic, engaging and purposeful.
  • We aim to make sure that each learner achieves success and is provided with positive experiences.
  • Learners access personalised curriculum to suit their own needs.

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