We look forward to welcoming all into SHC. Our aim is to offer a place to all our learners who will benefit from studying with us. Individualised instruction is our watchword as we aim to meet the needs of all our learners.

Kindly follow the Six steps outlined below:

1. Read through our prospectus



2.Complete the online application form

The online application forms are found below

3.Submit the application form

Kindly send all UK requests to ldn@sohecares

4.We respond to your application


Parents will then be invited to meet staff to share information.

Following the interview, each learner will be given diagnostic tests to figure skill and concept mastery. The tests aid the evaluator in determining the learner’s academic needs in each subject. Once completed, they will be given a curriculum that meets and challenges him at his performance level.

The plan will decide the educational pathway for each learner and give valuable information that teachers use to plan lessons

6.Pay your fees Admissions are open to ALL.

 Currently,we have on-going assessments to decide on  the respected  level of the individual child.

Click on this link to download the Registration Form

Or alternatively, fill out our on-line Application Form


We want all our learners in school every day. We aim to have as close to 100% attendance as possible.  All learners should be in class, for registration at 9:45am.

If a learner is unable to attend school due to illness or other circumstances, parents should contact the School Office or School Head teacher (option 1), before 8.00am. On  return to school following an absence, we ask for a short note outlining the reason for the absence, and if the absence is longer than five days, a doctor’s certificate is required. All holiday requests must be made at least two weeks before the holiday being taken. Authorisation for absence can be granted at the headteacher’s discretion, depending on each circumstance; however, as our school supports the view that every day and every lesson counts, such absences will normally be refused.

Please contact us for a copy of the Application for Holiday or Extended Leave of Absence form.







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