Our Mission

Our Mission is to offer a rich and challenging education to our learners irrespective of background, and to give them a learning ethos which provides a robust frame-work for later life and achievement.This embraces the right of all young people to be educated in an environment conducive to their abilities.

Our goals…

The Community

  • To wrap our Universally designed Curriculum round the respected learners.We deal with INDIVIDUALISED LEARNING.
  • Vocational and educational opportunities for all kinds of learners
  • Empowering the community to include all learners, who should be treated equally.
  • Establishing of literacy centres for slow learners
  • To eradicate all forms of labelling on Learners who do have challenges and to further use the term special needs more effectively by recognising their related uniqueness.
  • To reach out to the needs of the learner in general that will enable the learners gain independence in society.

The Learners

  • To work exclusively with the pace of the learners concerned.
  • To build all our learners with positive character traits.
  • To conduct diagnostic assessments for various conditions
  • To offer solutions on the results of the assessments conducted
  • To offer a transitional step towards more independent living.
  • To give great learning opportunities for all our learners.
  • To expose the children to learning activities that will further aid them in learning.
  • To build and cultivate the special gifts in the  learner.

 The Parents

  • To give a healthy support system for parents. It is useful for getting needed services,setting proper goals and gaining understanding for the learner as well as the family .
  • To offer solutions for the many unanswered questions in the minds of parents who do not know where to take their kids to.
  • To provide room for parental support through the creation of support teams.

 The Teachers/Therapists

  • To provide up-to-date training for the teachers/therapists to respond to the needs of the diversified learners.

So He Cares plans to ENABLE all our learners;

E – Educate all learners.

N – Nurture all potential gifts

A – Accelerate plans and ways for special learners.

B – Build the best in all our learners

L – Longevity plans that will build confidence in our learners

E – Enrich the aspirations of the learners

Our Values

Through our actions and influence we will strive to develop learners that are:

  • Striving for the Best
  • Honest and hardworking.
  • Calm, caring, compassionate Individuals

Our Core Values include the following: