All our schools are Christian oriented that aims to educate and train all our learners for Academic Excellence. It can most simply be described as an educational system that aims to give Learners the knowledge and skills to live and work with Gods Character and Nature. 2016-06-22-PHOTO-00000136

Education is composed of three basic components: Mission, Curriculum, and Methodology. It is the relationship of these three components that provide both the means and the ends for mastering a given subject or topic.

We aim to motivate teachers, enlighten parents as well as to educate our multi-ethnic, multi-cultural society on the importance of embracing and treating everyone fairly and equally.

This exciting new initiative is designed to create a supplementary school amongst other activities with enriching strategies to impact the quality of lives of all learners.

The main Objectives FOR OUR LEARNERS OF SHC are identified as follows:

• To promote an understanding of care for the environment both within the school and the outside world. To provide a caring atmosphere in which our learners can develop their skills and abilities in all curriculum areas and fulfil their potential.
• To create effective and enhancing learning opportunities through the use of proven and effective curriculum approaches with more flexible and sensitive methods / tools.
• To foster an environment in which learners and staff have high self-esteem and the confidence to achieve the highest standards.
• To help our learners understand that learning is a challenging process, part of which is taking risks and learning from mistakes.
• To enrich our learner’s knowledge and understanding of the diversity of the world we live in and develop a respect for other cultures, races and religion.
• To boost the confidence levels and general potential of learners with effective supportive strategies.

Our Standards: SHC clearly defines, in measurable terms, expectations for what students need to know and be able to do to succeed in school, in the workplace and in life.SHC also has key strengths in the support and development of learners with learning difficulties as we aim to build an inclusive society.
Our Assessments: SHC focuses on results, measuring and reporting student, school and system performance so that students, teachers, parents and the public can understand and act on the information.
Accountability:SHC provides students the curriculum, instruction and time they need to succeed. It assists all our learners that are struggling to improve, rewards and motivates exemplary learners.
Professional Development: At SHC, we have an impressive array of highly qualified academics who are experts in their field and mostly work within the schools ethos.Our system insists on meaningful preparation and continuous learning for teachers and administrators that drives improved teaching, learning and school management.
Parent Involvement: SHC enables parents to support the learning process.
Multi Sensory Approaches: Our system uses technology to broaden access to knowledge and to improve learning and productivity.
Safety and Discipline: SHC provides a safe, well-disciplined and caring environment for student learning.

In general, we aim to improve the Quality Of Life and (well-being) personal outcomes for all our learners by responding to their related unique needs.

To provide Self-Confidence and Self-Supporting Strategies to respond effectively to the needs of all our learners. Our provision gives room for the rights of ALL learners to be educated in a flexible learning environment. This will be facilitated by working closely with multidisciplinary teams helping to make a difference in the lives of all concerned.

SHC understands that all our learners are unique individuals and must be treated as such. We aim to open our doors to learners with all ranges of abilities with the potential to learn. We aim to reach out to the learners that have been tagged, labelled with reduced access to wide stream learning opportunities.

Our pledge is that we will continue to develop and deliver the subject-specific services that are most valued by our related community.

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