qiBorEdqTWatch out for our Summer fun action with loads of games and activities to keep the kids going.

This will include special outings, Cups games,Balloon racers and Tennis activities.

SHC Club cafe, Fruit Salad games and First Aid fun.

Don’t miss out on our Giant bubbles day and Lolly Stick catapults.

All activities are fully geared towards getting the children to work together and also making them practise problem-solving skills.



“Summer learning loss” is real – your child is at risk for losing several months’ of reading skills this summer when out of school.

Are you concerned…


  • That your child is behind in reading?
  • That next school year will be too challenging?
  • That your child is bright, but is not learning as quickly as you’d like?

SHC is offering the Fast Forward program.

Why is this different?

  1. It targets the root cause: other programs may work around an underlying issue, accommodating an underlying processing weakness, like a “band-aid”. Fast Forward addresses the foundational memory, attention, and processing weaknesses that may be  holding your child back.
  2. It’s intense: no other program or intervention provides the level of intensity that Fast Forward provides. This intensity leads to fast change and lasting improvement; the intervention does not need to be repeated.
  3. It’s research-based: validated by studies at Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Rutgers, and other prestigious institutions, Fast Forward continues to be independently proven to work for various language and reading issues.

Who is it for?
Ages 5+. Proven to work for learners with reading delays, dyslexia, speech/language issues, ADHD, autism, auditory processing issues.

Summer is the single best time to make
FAST reading improvement.


Please Call : 077555183177

Read more here:      http://www.scilearn.com/parents/why-use-fast-forword

Our activities are also geared toward building moral values to stimulate the great potentials within them all.

Kindly call for details, also fill in the booking form attached and send to info@sohecares.org.uk.

Booking form here :



Awards for all,Level up program.

This was a highly successful program and we intend to continue in our strive for excellence.

This year, ouBLr special program will offer a variety of choices for both Academic and Recreational programs for Learners After school. In addition, SHC offers special programs for early release and non-school days as well as programs for half term.

Providing our programs in a safe and engaging environment is SHC’s highest priority. We work in partnership with each family to design the program that meets their specific needs.

Special gifts for our kids in Africa.

Christmas came early for our kids with learning needs especially in Nigeria through MERCY WORLDWIDE.

MERCY Ambassadors have again donated some lovely toys to our kids and we are delighted to the positive gesture and warmth of their purpose  to distribute toys to kids with related needs. This is the second donation received and So He Cares is really pleased about this kind gesture.


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