Holiday Activities

Sign in your kids now for our fantastic Holiday Sessions. All our activities are theme based and highly engaging Our DBS checked staff are the people behind the scenes that really make the difference as we employ enthusiastic and energetic Staff members that have experience working with children, We aim to make the life of […]

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Special Needs

All activities and visits are available and accessible to all, irrespective of special educational or medical needs, ethnic origin, gender or religion. Not doing so could breach discrimination law. If a visit needs to cater for young people with special educational needs (SEN) or disabilities, every reasonable effort should be made to find a venue […]

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Active Sports Sessions

According to Professor Saw Seang Mei, playing outdoors for two to three hours a day, regardless of what sports s/he is playing, may help prevent the onset of myopia in children. Children have a full time occupation. It’s called Play! Let them be occupied by it from their early years until their twilight years. Join […]

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About Us

We offer unique experiences

Each child has a range of unique needs and goals. We celebrate the diversity of our users by offering differentiated resources that can meet a wide range of needs. In turn, this raises kids' confidence in all aspects of life.

Our mission

Our mission is to nurture each child’s passion, interest and educational success. We accelerate learning by accomplishing and fashioning, effective experiences and activities by helping to create a brighter future for all our learners.

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  • Everyone has some sort of need!
    “We were able to make an incontrovertible case that the genetic risk contributing to autism is genetic risk that exists in all of us, and influences our behaviour and social communication” Dr Mark Daly, co-director of the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT Happy man in mountains All learners in are
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